Investigation of Multi Family Therapy for Anorexia Nervosa

MFT Research study

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Program Overview:

This research study is designed to investigate the effectiveness of a virtual or in-person intensive family therapy program for adolescents suffering from restrictive eating disorders. This intervention is available for families in all stages of treatment. The goal of this intervention is to provide families with the opportunity to learn and practice skills, as well as engage in a supportive, focused environment with other families. Families will also have the opportunity to receive in vivo meal support throughout the week.

Our multidisciplinary team includes psychological and medical experts in the field. Our team of experts will lead the program, with involvement from other experts throughout the week who will also provide educational information to further families’ understanding of eating disorders and their treatment. Each day will consist of multifamily therapeutic interventions and activities as well as multifamily meals and snacks. Our team will provide support during all meals and snacks throughout the program.


Program Structure:

We are offering an intensive virtual program that is scheduled to span across 4 months. The program will consist of a four day intensive, and we will conduct 3 follow-up sessions over a 4 month period. This program runs approximately every 6-8 weeks and up to 8 families can participate in each round.   


Who is Invited to Participate?

            Adolescents aged 11-18



For More Information:

Contact the coordinator at or 312-600-3936.